Pioneer Of Creative Breakthrough Learning

CEO of Ena Communication Inc.
Professor of Shonan Institute of Technology
Associate Coach of The Core Story

Certified Applied Improvisation Network Practitioner

Doninto Agent

President of Applied Improvisation Facilitator Academia

Yoga Instructor

Mindfulness Instructor

Dietary and Fasting Coordinator

Professional Executive Coach

Carrier Counselor

Event Producer




- History - 

Principal of Kyoto University of Art and Design Senior High School

Associate Professor and Freshmen Program Director

 of Tohoku University of Art and Design

Faculty Developer & Consultant

 of the following schools

 - Kyoto University of Art and Design

 - Kindai High School



Hikaru is an accomplished and highly experienced trainer / facilitator and has been working in the corporate training and development field in Asia for the last 19 years. She specialises in the design, delivery and facilitation of impactful and highly effective training programs for regional and multinational corporate clients.


Hikaru also consults to international organizations on organizational development and project management. She has designed and conducted numerous training workshops including Human and Communication Skills / Leadership Skills / Leadership Development / Team Leading / Team Development / Creative Problem Solving / Cross Cultural Teams / Cross Cultural Customer Service all over in Japan.


She has been lead trainer and facilitator for many hundreds of programs with regular clients including IBM / SONY / Sony Information Device / Sony Chemical Device / Sony Energy Device / Olympus / Infocom / Kagoshima Information Service Association / Japan Information Service Association / Shimane Prefectural Government Departments.

Now her focus and passion is in Edutainment (Education x Entertainment) field.  After having been teaching at several universities for more than 15 years, She is now appointed as a principle of Kyoto University of Art and Design High School which was newly opened in the Spring of 2019.


Previously, Hikaru was the consultant and instructor of IBM Learning Service Corporation coordinating human and communication skills of training and operations. She was responsible for designing courses and training as well as facilitation of corporate training programs. Her prior work experience includes working as an implementing manager of coaching skills for All IBM sales manager in Asia Pacific Area and an international conference coordinator for IBM Asia Pacific Corporation.


Hikaru is a graduate in Psychology and Art from Western Oregon State University.  Japanese is her mother tongue and English is her second language.

Hikaru was a boad member of Applied Improvisation International Network from 2010 to 2014 & 2017 - 2019.
She has established Applied Improvisation Network Japan since 2009, as well as Applied Improvisation Facilitator Academia since 2015.


Her skills/capabilities : 

* Facilitator/trainer on Storytelling

* Improv/Applied Improv Facilitator/Trainer in both corporate and academic environments

* Professer at Shonan Institute of Technology : Researcher of Active Learning and Behavioral Tendencies

* Self Producing Coach

* Certified Coach of GROW Model

* Facilitator/trainer on Resilience and Mindfulness

* Communication Training including public speaking/assertiveness/influencing/handling difficult conversations/culture

* Team development including community building, team building, relationship building, open communication, trust in various field like local government, schools and corporate.

* Leadership & Manager development training/facilitation

* Train-the-Trainer/ facilitator experiential and playful learning (off- and online)

* Certified assessment coach for DISC and personal drivers

* Program designer/trainer for International Mentorship Graduate School

* Faculty Developer/Trainer : tran-the-teachers at high school and university

* Improv performer & teacher, MC

* Hula Dancer

* Certified Practitioner for Applied Improvisation Network

* Fasting Master/Coordinator

* Adviser/Coordinater of Dietary Nutrition

* Deep breathing Yoga Instructor/ Instructor for Yoga as Life Style

* Event producer, Event MC


‘When we are playful, it helps us remember things and learn from each other. It creates an impressional and emotional component that is key to building memories.’